& design principles


My projects are designed for the client, taking into consideration their desires whilst exploring other possibilities, to create a personalised garden which reflects the wishes and character of the client whilst including my own individual touch.

I follow the development of each project ensuring close coordination with the craftsmen who carry out the work, ensuring an accurate interpretation of the plan. The idea is to create a green haven which is a natural extension of the home, based on a strong design using natural materials from sustainable sources, and plants that are adapted to the Belgian climate.

The gardens, whether for city or country properties are created with the intention of attracting wildlife and improving the quality of the environment whilst opening our eyes and those of our children to the natural world in a very “hands-on” way.


When designing a garden it’s important to create areas where the atmosphere or mood can change depending on the time of day or time of year. Calm fragrant plants for the evening when you eat outside in summer, a sunny terrace for breakfast, or secret ‘rooms’ where you can loose yourself for an hour or so.