Country garden in the Brabant Wallon area of Belgium


Country garden designed for a family looking for a natural and dynamic garden with structure and welcoming to wild life. The site is hilly with views out over fields and woodland. There are several large specimen trees and an orchard area where the formal vegetable garden is situated.

The area immediately around the house is planned along the lines of an English style garden keeping in character with the rural setting. Natural stone sets are used for the paths and chestnut fencing to delimit the property.

One of the main criteria’s is to keep maintenance to a minimum, so areas of the garden are managed in a less intensive manner with the sloping areas being planted with native species of shrubs and herbaceous plants. The orchard area is cut once every five weeks whilst some areas are left as havens for wild life which is actively encouraged to share the garden. The vegetable garden provides fresh produce and flowers for the house.